Concerning The Change From “Quintillions Bright” To “Kallidomus”

For those 60+ people who have subscribed to this blog, I would like to explain a long overdue explanation about this change.

Originally, I wanted this site to be a “break from everything,” however, there are some issues that cannot be ignored, because ignorance equals complacency in this world; and there are some issues in this world that cannot require anyone’s complacency.

As for the “break from everything” element, I transferred them over to my other site Quintillions Green. That is the site where I specifically talk about polymathy and self-adaptation (because I do not like using the words self-help or self-development, but that is an article on its own).

As for Kallidomus, I want it to focus on the issues that affect everyone in this life. Although, I discuss the issues of language revitalization, they are inherently political because it involves complete scrutiny of the dominant languages, such as English, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese, and the systems that rely on their usages. As a result, it can result in many negative consequences against religious, ethnic, and linguistic minorities, either in the job market or in the educational system.

Simply put, Quintillions Green is where I would explore my interests, while Kallidomus is where I will kvetch about everything. Quintillions Green is where I wish to travel to the stars, while Kallidomus is where I just want a star to hit the Earth.

QG is the Yin, while Kallidomus is the Yang.

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