Conservative Rhetoric Involves Playing With Fire

When Dylann Roof shot up a historical black church, it was not in isolation. When a man fired off a round at a pizza shop, it was not in isolation. When those militia members attempted to kidnap and possibly execute the Michigan governor, it was not in isolation. When a man killed 50 people in a Wal-Mart in a border town, it was not in isolation. When Trump supporters broke into the capital and started ransacking the place, IT WAS NOT IN ISOLATION.

There are plenty of young men in this country who are sentient powder-kegs waiting to explode. Republican politicians have exploited their pain and disgrace by giving them illusions to dwell on. A thing to remember is that Republicans have a tribe of boogeymen hiding in their closets and under their beds. Sometimes those boogeymen are part of #BlackLivesMatter movement, while other boogeymen are just milquetoast, centrist Democrats like Nancy Pelosi; sometimes it’s a Democratic governor dining in public during lockdown (while conservatives ignore Trump’s super-spreader events which had actually caused even greater damage); other times it’s the “fake news” media; ad nauseum. All these politicians really need is just one type of boogeymen to dwell on and they can indirectly cause mayhem through stochastic terrorism.

When Tucker Carlson and Senator Josh Hawley use populist rhetoric in order to appeal to the American working class, they know that at some point they are appealing to these young men who are hurting and have no purpose; maybe their fathers do not figure prominently in their lives. They have not failed society, society failed them. Of course, as Warren Farrell points out numerous times that when young men are without guidance, hope, and are isolated and marginalized in their daily lives, those young men “…who hurt hurt us.”

And it varies based on demographics. When young Black/Latino men are marginalized, they join a gang. When young Muslim men are marginalized, they become Islamists and Jihadis. In the case of young, white men who are marginalized, they become mass shooters and/or white supremacists.

So, the intention of this article is not about these Republican pundits and politicians who know exactly what they are doing and saying, rather about the Republican parents who willfully believe everything Trump says.

I would hope that every Trump-supporting parents who are reading this article should know that not only the Republican politicians who are playing with fire, but you also; especially if you have sons who are struggling in life. You are not doing them any favors by endlessly worshipping a political party that has spent half a century playing poor people off against each other while making money off the strife. Since it is natural that children develop political opinions that are based off their parents’, they will believe everything you say. And if your disenfranchised sons believe it, then they are convinced to take action, since nothing is going their way anyway, so they end up having reckless abandon and they will destroy their own lives and the lives of people around him.

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