Why Does The Mississippi Attorney General Want To Sue China?

At this point, there is nothing that Fox News cannot say that will not make me write an article like this.  All it takes is a 3-minute clip for me to write up to 1100 words.

My first problem with the clip from Fox News was how they characterized America, Mississippi, China, and the Communist Chinese as individual entities and not governments. This is definitely the type of dog-whistling that George W. Bush engaged in when characterizing the us-versus-them rhetoric of America and the Middle East during his presidency–albeit a toned-down one compared to rhetoric of Trump and Fox News. As soon as I watched the video, it became clear that they were really referring to Mississippi in terms of the Mississippian Attorney General Lynn Fitch who never mentioned in the clip whether she was given the authority to proceed with this lawsuit by the Mississippi governor. I am not a legal expert, but I am pretty sure that if you are an attorney general and you represent the entire state, I would expect to have some data shown on the screen of whether the governor authorized it or that the majority of Mississippians are in favor of it.

The substance of this lawsuit has to do with the fact that Mississippians have died or lost their jobs due to the coronavirus that the Chinese government was covering up. My main issue is that when the virus started to spread outside of China and into the rest of the world, your President was briefed about it multiple times and he did not take precautions. Whether or not the Chinese government is responsible for covering it up is not the point of this article, rather it is the flimsy foundation of the lawsuit coming from an Attorney General of a country whose corporations like Apple and Nike have made an easy buck using cheap labor in Chinese sweat shops, which has resulted in various human rights abuses done by them against Chinese citizens.

Attorney General Fitch has no room to tell the Chinese–and by that, I will assume she means the Chinese government–that they are “taking advantage” of Americans, when this country relies on cheap labor in Chinese sweat shops in order to manufacture iPhones, furniture, and basic necessities that Americans are heavily dependent on. What if the Chinese government unleashes a counter lawsuit against the American government citing the fact that they allowed giant corporations to have their goods produced through what is effectively the slave-labor conditions of their own citizens in some extraterritorial pursuit of wealth? Keep in mind that President himself had his own merchandise produced in China when he was President of the Trump Organization, so he was not only complicit but and active beneficiary of it–and never once had he apologized for it.

It is one hell of a risk to sue an entire government and not even specify the roles of individuals like the victims of COVID-19 and their families, such as whether they would testify. I would appear to be blaming her, however I am putting the blame on the news anchor who should have put pressure on her. His job, just like every other newscaster, is always put to the test and he could be fired for misinforming people, which is why he should have asked more inquisitive questions and not give off an air of self-righteousness that could drive anyone to drink.

If he actually valued his profession, he would have pressed Fitch by saying:

Okay, right, you are preparing a lawsuit against the “Chinese”–which you have yet to even clarify who exactly you are referring to–about a lawsuit that has flimsy, abstract details about Americans “not being taken advantage of” and you have not mentioned whether the governor himself is in favor of this lawsuit. I’m going to assume that since you are an Attorney General, and that Mississippian tax money is on the line, and that you have some grasp on international law, you actually know what the fuck you’re talking about. So for 3 minutes on this show, you’ll have to give me a damn good reason why this lawsuit is worth pursuing. Go.

This completely ignores the fact that there are video compilations juxtaposing Fox News coverage of the coronavirus before and after they started taking it seriously. So both Trump and Fox News have no business judging anyone else for covering up the truth when they cynically do so in order to maintain respectability.

To all the Mississippian voters who agree to this course of action, keep in mind that your state overwhelmingly voted for Trump in 2016. This is a man who betrayed your trust by not taking the Coronavirus seriously. He kept saying that it was like the flu, that chloroquine will cure it, and that the country would open up on Easter–all of which was not true. Now he is telling you that you should inject disinfectants.

Before you start proceeding to hold a foreign government accountable–and potentially starting World War III–you should hold the entire Trump administration accountable at the voting booth because they have lied to you and belittled you ever since they ascended to power.

Attorney General Fitch practically admits that the lawsuit is “tough,” in other words it is not one that would be substantiated in the international community–or even won, even though she assures the audience that they will. Indeed, if this lawsuit ever takes place, then who is to say that it would not be flipped back on the American government for exploitative sweat shops?

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