What Makes The American Solidarity Party Unique?

Since the winter of our discontent is so far away, we can only hope that winter is coming. In a time in America when there is so much political division and numerous raw deals, it would be refreshing to hear some other sides of the political aisle that have yet to have a resounding voice. As for the American Solidarity Party, established in 2016, it is one of those voices that has the potential of being heard, particularly because of its unique political features.

One unique feature of which is how much depth there is to the choices they make, either in terms of policy or symbolism. The main focus of this third political party is social responsibility–hence why Solidarity is in the name. As such, it assumes a unique political orientation by being socially conservative but fiscally liberal as far as traditional political orientation is concerned.

Just like the Democratic donkey and the Republican elephant, the Solidarity Party have their own animal to represent them which is the pelican. Father Dwight Longenecker, a Solidarist, describes the choice for the pelican as being based on the Christian symbol for “…charity and self-sacrifice.” This was especially the case in Medieval Europe where mother pelicans were said to feed their chicks with their own blood, thus the animal was adopted as a symbol of the Passion of Christ.

Although the political party bases its policies on Catholicism, there is the issue of managing a secular agenda, primarily since the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights forbids the establishment of religion. It manages it by allowing people of all faiths to join and vote for them.

While the political concept of Christian democracy is unique in America, it is not so around the world where there are major political parties adhere to it, including the Christian Democratic Union in Germany and the Christian Democratic Party in Australia.

As of 2020, they have not held any political positions, though they have run in local elections. Currently, Brian T. Carroll–a history teacher for 44 years and an Evangelical Christian–is the main presidential candidate for the American Solidarity Party with Amar Patel as his running mate.

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